Real Estate CRM Manager
Total: $521.09
Regardless of what CRM software(s) and other data/appointment management software(s) you are currently using, we can integrate with your existing workflow to ensure minimal downtime for the set-up process. Ultimately our goal is to help you better track, analyze, and optimize all important pieces of information that are generated throughout your sales process. We can help with all sorts of proprietary real estate industry software tools, including: Market Leader Top Producer Follow Up Boss AgentOffice REthink PropertyBase SharperAgent SalesForce Many more… Whether you just need a little bit of data entry & CRM clean-up … or you want to outsource the whole process to the point you never even have to log-in to the CRM again … we can help you be sure no leads are slipping through the cracks, and all appointments are getting attended on-time by well prepared agents of your company

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